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Pole Inspections

Artisan Streetscapes provides the inspection and repair of the banding and hardware used in your BIA or Municipality for hanging basket brackets, banner brackets, holiday decorations, street decorations, signage, etc. Artisan Streetscapes inspects the fasteners and banding holding them secure and provides a written inspection report with photographic backup of each location. Artisan Streetscapes has the expertise and equipment to meet each specific need . 

GFI/Photo outlet Inspection

​​As part of their complete streetscaping services, Artisan
Streetscapes will inspect and repair GFI outlets and photocells on poles used for powering your street decorations. Artisan Streetscapes, utilizing their licensed electricians, will inspect, audit and identify your requirements. They will then perform all repairs as needed - we carry an extensive parts inventory with us. We are limited to inspecting and repair only, as providing power to poles would be the responsibility of your power utility company.

In addition to great products, Artisan Streetscapes provides the services to install and maintain those products.

Our multi-talented team is dedicated to providing the best service available. Our concern is our customers and their needs.

We have the skills, knowledge and the equipment to get the job done right the first time.



At Artisan Streetscapes we have the qualified/ certified staff and equipment to get the job done. The job is done right and safely.

Banners, illuminations, tree lights, planters, street decor... we can install it all.

YOUR EXPERIENCE is Our focus  

Our Services

Banner Maintance

Extend the life of your banners with a little TLC. After removing the banners for the season Artisan Streetscapes will clean and inspect each banner. They will mend torn areas (if possible) and replace any damaged hardware or grommets. Afterwards Artisan Streetscapes will properly store your banners to be installed again next year.